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Cross-organizational project

Leading cross-organization projects in terms of IoT and Cloud Based systems. Specializing in Global Systems architecture we developed full IoT systems based on cutting edge technologies in Hardware and Software worlds.

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Independent System

Independent System located in agriculture area measuring critical parameters 24/7 and sending parameters and measured values via bi-directional MQTT communication to Cloud. Equipped with solar panel and designed to work in any weather conditions, even in high temperatures and heavy rain.

Service Mobile App

Service Mobile application used by service person for quick and efficient installation on customer site. System activation performed via user-friendly displays and clear flow. Each system has it's own unique number to be recognized in Cloud database. 


User Mobile App

User Mobile application based on Cloud Azure database to display systems parameters on-line. App has authorization management. System location and parameters displayed in real time. Flexible data can be arranged in report formats and shared with other users.


Website - User site

Especially developed website based on customer requirements and has authorization management. Displaying systems top status and locations of each tank on the map. Each tank displayed with it's own liquid quantity shown in percentage ratio.  


Website - System display

Website based on customer requirements. Displaying system detailed parameters including history readings and failures. By using ultrasonic sensor system can measure liquid level in the tank. In addition shown battery status, type of liquid and detailed location on map.

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